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You don’t have to constantly compare yourself to everyone in your life (like they’re smarter, richer, and better looking than you could ever be), letting the voice in your head nitpick every decision you’ve ever made because “Amanda” from your yoga class wouldn’t approve.

You don’t have to pour yourself a glass of wine and sit in front of the tv every night because you can’t deal with your divorce or think about how much you must suck because otherwise, your mother wouldn’t have been so shitty to you growing up.

And you don’t have to stay stuck thinking no matter what you do nothing will ever really change.

Doing your work will change all that. And it’s time to get started.

On the other side of doing your work, you’ll be able to see how amazing you ALREADY are.

You’ll be able to say no to the things that don’t work for you, stop taking everything personally, and send your internal self-talk to Bora Bora on a one-way ticket.

So start doing your work today.

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How The Work Works

Anything in your life that you’re not neutral about offers you an opportunity to do your work and heal. From the disappointment that bubbles up when your child refuses to see you (even though they live 5 minutes away) to the fear of showing up as yourself because you think you can’t possibly be good enough no matter how hard you try.

Your inner child is running the show. All those triggers, all the things you haven’t healed from are tripping you up at every turn—and sometimes you don’t even know it.

Until you address the experiences, you’ll stay stuck in pain and struggle.

Doing your work is about unpacking your beliefs and stories about you and your life that were never true. It’s about seeing what’s real and using that to get clear on what’s working for you and what isn’t, so you can choose to have a new experience (or not).

But when you try to do your work alone, you’ll keep making your feelings wrong.

Your brain will convince you it’s your kid’s fault for not making you a priority, or your coworker’s fault for being so perfect all the time.

Left to your own devices, you’ll never see the painful feelings for the gift they are, you’ll never recognize they’re just showing you what’s coming up for you to heal.

Book a session with me today so I can help you see that the reason you’re so upset your child won’t come visit is because it makes you feel abandoned and rejected—and you’ve never dealt with all the times in your past you felt the same way.

Two ways to do your work


60-90 minute remote energy healing sessions that bring awareness to the pain coming up for you to heal, so you can clear your blocks and start believing in your absolute brilliance. It’s the deeper dive into what’s coming up for you to heal.

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A monthly group program jam-packed with meditations, talks, breathwork, energy infusions, and mini-healing sessions designed to help you supersize your healing so you can clean up what isn’t real and get to the truth even faster.

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“I’ve tried several different kinds of therapies and mindfulness techniques and nothing’s helped me like Jeana to not only heal my physical pain, but empower me to stand up for myself and say ‘no’ when I don’t want to do something. She leads by example, sharing her pain and trauma authentically, genuinely cares about me, and provides the support and accountability I need to make actual change in my life. I’m less stressed than ever before and no longer tolerating things that aren’t healthy for me—without becoming a puddle on the floor in the process.”

Jessica Inman

When you do your work, you’ll:

  • Stand up for yourself (even when your boss criticizes your work or your kid is pissed you’re asking them to do the dishes).
  • Stop saying yes when you really mean no.
  • Let other people be upset or disappointed without trying to change their feelings.
  • Be kinder to yourself (so you stop berating yourself for months on end every time you “say the wrong thing” in a meeting).
  • Reduce the amount of pain (physical, mental, and emotional) you’re carrying on a daily basis.

The longer you wait to start doing your work, the more you’ll:

  • Feel stuck in your life with nowhere to turn until you’re numbing your pain with tv, medication, ineffective therapy, or sugar.
  • Be pissed at everyone all the time, thinking if only they changed then you could finally be happy, and blame them for all your misery.
  • Wish everything in your life looked different (while also knowing every time you’ve run away in the past, you’ve always felt the same).
  • Look for answers in all the wrong places (like in a job that pays you well, but demands even more, or your newly single high school sweetheart who’s stuck in their childhood wanting someone else to make them happy).
  • You could kick the can down the road for a future version of you to deal with (which likely will only make it harder to let go of the lies and stories you’re believing are true). Or, you can book a session and start doing your work today.
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Find the version of you outside the lies, the mind chatter, and the suffering


I don’t know about you, but therapy didn’t work for me. Every time I went into a session, I felt like it was “time to focus on what’s wrong with Jeana.” I’d leave feeling like shit and stuck in a hole I couldn’t get out of.

Then I found energy work and my whole world shifted.

Doing my work empowered me, it helped me grieve the shitty stories (like believing I was responsible for my former husband being an alcoholic and it was my job to “fix” it, as his wife).

Doing my work helped me see my life through the lens of awareness, which enabled me to stop living on autopilot.

The more I dug in, the more I was able to stop avoiding my feelings, stop distracting myself, and stop trying to convince myself I was the victim of my life.

Doing my work was the key to creating a loving marriage, better relationships with my daughters, work I love, and things I do for fun that expand my heart wide open (like biking 12.73 miles through Heritage Park).

And just as I did in my former massage business, I can’t help but share the tools and techniques that work for me with everyone desperately scouring the internet at 3 am trying to find relief from the pain.

It’s like finally realizing the voice in your head telling you you can’t pull off the color pink was your mother’s. You won’t see it until you do, and afterward, your entire world will change.

When you see the truth, grieve the shit, and learn to love yourself through it all, your entire experience with life will change. And you deserve to see, enjoy, and live with that version of yourself. Start doing your work today.

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Jeana has given me the tools I need to get off the hamster wheel of worry and anxiety and let spaciousness and harmony take their place. Now, I have more energy throughout the day and so much more focus and awareness for the actual present.