Who am I?

I’m Jeana Abarca, Intuitive Healer and Guide helping people dig into their pain so it no longer controls their life.

I remember what it’s like being in pain. I remember taking my problems to traditional therapy. I remember it never working.

I wanted to blame everyone in my life for things not working out how I thought I wanted them to. If only my then-husband would just stop drinking, then maybe I could stop numbing myself, hiding from my life with Xanax, working out, or shopping.

It wasn’t until I found energy work while in massage school that things started to change.

I finally started to see my pain for what it was: a tool to help me heal. And with the amazing results I kept getting, I wanted to bring what worked for me to everyone I could.

Starting back in 2006, I took courses in Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy, but that only got me so far. I later found Rita Henry and Jonathan Parker, who took The Work to a whole new level. I continue to work with them to this day.

Using my pain, my life, and the school of my youngest daughter (who has been my master teacher in so many ways), I’ve worked on:

  • Forgiving myself for the choices I made in my past when I didn’t know any better (like marrying someone just as emotionally unavailable as what I witnessed growing up)
  • Not needing to be the victim of my life and blaming everyone else for me being miserable AF
  • Letting go of the illusion that being a mom means my daughter and I are best friends (and not needing my children to be my answer or source of happiness)
  • Giving up the belief that I could control other people by bullying them into doing what I wanted

I’ve been my own best guinea pig so I know how powerful this work is. And I know how beneficial it is to have someone on your side who doesn’t get triggered by their own stuff when you bring up yours.

Because of that, you can bring me your grief from losing a loved one, your belief that you’re a worthless piece of shit for not losing the weight, or your trauma from the time your dad forgot to pick you up from school and I can safely hold space for you to heal from it all.

If you’re looking to heal from your pain, you need to see your life in truth. Because no matter how pretty you make the pretend, it doesn’t exist. It’s just keeping you stuck.

I can help you see the truth. I can help you heal. Book a session with me today.

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“I wish everyone would do at least 3 sessions with you. The world would be a better place.”

-Missy Allen

You can’t heal if you’re lying to yourself

I lived my life through the lens of insecurity.
Feeling like I wasn’t enough.

I was afraid.

I believed my life couldn’t look any other way.

I muted myself.

Made myself small.

Edited myself.

I was edgy.

Really, I couldn’t see any other possibility.

Step by step I started doing my work. I started getting curious about my stories of being the victim, feeling not enough and wrong.

I was in pain and I believed that my pain was the result of things that others had done or said and that it was all completely out of my control.

From this place of pain, I blamed others, I tried to control my alcoholic husband, I manipulated people, and I wasn’t honest.

I manipulated people by bullying them into doing what I wanted them to do. By blaming them for me being where I was.

By playing the victim.

I thought that by playing small, I would get what I wanted.

I thought I wanted things, relationships, others to love me, but over the decades I learned that I couldn’t get enough of what I didn’t need.

And when I had what I wanted, I didn’t believe I deserved it anyway.

I thought that by playing small, I could blame others for my life not playing out the way

I wanted it to.

The victim role was comfortable for me. I never knew how to take personal responsibility for my life.

I believed that if I just pretended that things were as I thought they should be things would get better.

They didn’t.

I wasn’t even aware that I was living my life through fear. The choices I made were out of fear not out of “this is what I want.”

But now I know that this is bullshit.

I’ve recognized that making choices from a place of fear didn’t get me what I wanted.

Making choices out of fear gave me more of what I didn’t want.

And if you’re ready to stop lying to yourself, if you’re ready to face the truth and see your own magnificence, to rewrite the bullshit stories you don’t even know you believe about yourself, you need someone to guide your way.

Because sometimes you’re too stuck in the fear living as if the police are out there going weeee wooooo.



Come to get you for even daring to step outside the fear.

They’re not.

Other times, even when you know something isn’t real it can feel so real you don’t believe it’s possible to break free without first being loved on and supported by someone else.

You don’t have to hold onto the lies.

The fear isn’t keeping you safe.

I’m here to love on you—even when you can’t love on yourself.I’m here to help you see what’s real and what isn’t (like how, no matter how much personal responsibility you take on, you can always make space for a nap).

I’m here to rewrite the story that keeps you playing small because you think that’s the key to a life you love (even after decades of playing that shit out again and again).

No one can do this but you.
No one can move you to the next level but you. It’s something you’ve never faced before.

You don’t have to do any of it alone.

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Skills I bring to the table


Think of me like Nancy Drew meets a meticulous cleaning lady. I have an innate curiosity and desire to ask the right questions that will get you the results you’re looking for.

  • I use my well-developed intuition to recognize what’s coming up and whether or not it needs to be cleared
  • I’m an empath. I feel what you feel (physically, mentally, and emotionally) so we can clear what’s coming up quicker, sooner, faster
  • I have an inner guidance and knowing of what we’re going to work on in a session (before you even pick up the phone)
  • When we’re working on something, I bring a spaciousness and expansion to the issue keeping you stuck so you can get the distance you need to release your attachment to it
  • I can replace and upgrade the outdated patterns and programs you’re playing out so you’re no longer stuck running a computer system from the 80s when your smartphone’s right next to you
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